Halo Anniversary: Media from Gamescom 2011

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343 Industries and Microsoft have been quite busy at Gamescom. First up, they released 4 screenshots for the upcoming Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary game. Then, they showed off some B-roll footage from the Damnation and Beaver Creek multiplayer maps that will be playable when the game releases this Fall. Finally, there is also a Campaign demo. This demo video was originally shown at the San Diego Comic-Con, but it is worth watching again. Check out all 3 videos below, as well as the screenshots for the game. Which is your favorite and why? Are you excited for the HD update coming to Halo?



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  • Nilodragon

    I’m really exicited for the game ,when it comes out I’m gonna buy it. I know that everyone is crazy because of the reach engine on the multiplayer but, guys , chill out! its an anniversary and if they would make an Halo CEA own multiplayer that would be cool but that would ruin the HALO REACH which is supposed to be the main Halo game during 2010 and 2011 and half of 2012 ,then after that comes Halo 4.that’s why they didn’t make an independent multiplayer for HALO COMBAT EVOLVED ANNIVERSARY!
    I think that 343i is trying their best on making the HALO 4 really cool for us!

  • A Hobos Stick

    I can’t wait 😀

  • ITz Jok3R

    Atm it’s not really a game I will get as i already have the original copy but maybe if nothing else comes out for a while i might pick it up sometime down the track when iv’e got nothing else to save up for.

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