Bloodrayne Betrayal Delayed until October 5th for the XBLA…

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Here is some rather disappointing news for those of you who have been craving Bloodrayne Betrayal, as the game has now been delayed until October 5th for the Xbox Live Arcade. On an interesting note, PSN users will get the title one month ahead of the XBLA when it launches on “Playstation Network Play” on September 6th.

Seeing that Bloodrayne Betrayal has been one of my most anticipated games this year, I can say this news is a bit somber, but after the fantastic releases during Summer of Arcade I guess I can manage for two more excruciating months without my dearest Rayne. I can’t really argue with PSN users getting Bloodrayne earlier though, as XBLA users usually get the goods on all downloadable titles before the PSN.

  • Cellophane Girl

    :: cries ::

    But I need my Rayne now. Why do you bring me such news on today of all days?
    One hour into my birthday and I already get bad news.

    My only consolation is I’ll get to tell my friend who is just as excited as I am about this and crush his spirit like you crushed mine.

    • Cellophane Girl

      Yep I told my friend about it yesterday and he was mad.

      He gave me a MSpoint card for my birthday and said “you know what this is for.” (to buy this very game). I told him about it and he pretty much screamed “NOOOO!” In the parking lot of the restaurant we were at.

      So I wrote a note and tacked up the note and points card on my wall so I wouldn’t lose it.
      I took a photo of it too.

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