Supremacy MMA is coming to Sony’s new toy

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This fall, Supremacy MMA is coming to the Playstation Vita.   Supremacy MMA for PS Vita has exclusive content like new fighters and venues. In addition, it includes “UFC champ Jens Pulver as well as the first real female fighters in an MMA game, Felice Herrig and Michele Gutierrez.”  Get it on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Vita on September 20th.

“The Vita provides an unrivaled handheld experience that gives gamers a true console experience on the go,” said Ricci Rukavina, CEO of Kung Fu Factory. “Vita’s technical innovations and jaw-dropping graphics make this a great platform for our brand of fast paced brutal and bloody combat.”

“Supremacy MMA takes MMA where it’s never gone before, with unprecedented brutality and arcade speed, and now it’s headed for another new frontier as the sole MMA game to go to handheld in 2011,” said Ian Howe, President, 505 Games, North America. “The arcade-styled gameplay is perfectly suited for quick handheld sessions, and the game looks amazing on Sony’s hot new tech.”


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