PSP Digital Comic store will no longer update

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After much fanfare from Sony about the introduction of comics to the Playstation Store and PSP, it appears that the addition of digital comics did little for Sony’s profit margin.  After the digital comic book update of today (which includes Batman Beyond, Transformers, Ender’s Game, B.C. collections and a Suicide Girl comic) there will no longer be any more new comics coming to the store.  However, “The Digital Comics Team will continue to work on bringing the comic service to other Sony devices.”

The digital comic book media type has always seemed promising.  But, the difficulties associated with reading and looking at artwork on small screens have always been hard to surmount.  What are your thoughts on the announcement?  Are you disappointed that you can longer build your collection of comics on a portable Playstation device?  If your looking for more info, go the Playstation Blog.  If you want a different digital comic book distributor, try




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  • Travis Bruno

    From the sound of it they are pretty much just putting another nail in the coffin of the PSP. That statement makes it sound like they are going to move onto the service to the PS Vita when that comes out. That way they can implement the touch controls to turn pages etc. Comics seem to do alright on iOS devices, so it could just have been implementation of the service.

    • Yup. I totally agree/ It is very sad though. 🙁 I love the PSP. But, I have already sold it to save for the Vita. I did it as soon as they said all games from PSP on PSN would make it to Vita.

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