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If you don’t already know about ThinkGeek, I feel very sad for you. This store is one of the most awesome stores I have ever come across and it fits just perfectly into my weekly nerdy niches. I mean if you write ‘nerd store’ or ‘geek store’ this is the first result! So please let’s check out this store with me.

Here is some helpful information:

What: ThinkGeek

Where: On the internets

Some rememberable products:

  • Angry Birds Card Game
  • Cthulhu Slippers
  • My USB Desk Pets
  • Robomower
  • 2D glasses
  • Personal sountrack shirt
  • Shirt 2 Pillow Transformer
  • Wi-fi detector shirt
  • Gears of War COG tags
  • Star Trek Bathrobes
  • HTTPanties
  • Serenity Keychain
  • Soft Kitty Shirt
  • Star Trek Insignia Pins
  • Nom nom nom bibs
  • Secret decoder ring
  • 1up beanie
  • Crystal Cube Firejewel necklace
  • Firefly logo shirt
  • Totore plush hat
  • D20 Spiral necklace
  • Princess Leia Apron
  • Star Wars Belt Buckles
  • iCADE – iPad Arcade Cabinet
  • ect.

Check out it all out. The products are just awesome.

Check out the iCADE – iPad Arcade Cabinet below, this is AWESOME.  It’s available now for only $99.99 (buy here)

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  • Cellophane Girl

    LOVEEE Think Geek!

    Pro Tip: NEVER order the zombie mints, unless you are some kind of sadist. Yes they really are brain flavored. XD

  • Cellophane Girl

    Oh I have a suggestion for a nerdy shirt site.

    Yeah the shirts are all 6 dollars, and it’s full of awesome internet and geekery goodness. :]

  • Oh man, I love this site! I just want everything on there.

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