Lowest scoring Super Mario Bros. run has been broken

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Yea, high scores are cool, I guess, you know, if your into that type of thing.  But come on, this is the freakin’ future and new ideas are where we as gamers and humans thrive.  NotEntirelySure, a YouTube user, has recently broken the lowest possible score record in Super Mario Bros.  Surprisingly, to achieve a low score, you must be a very skilled person with fast reflexes and have a complex plan to perform the worst as possible. Check out the video below for proof.  The user claims that this is legitimate gameplay and it certainly appears that he is telling the truth.  Looks pretty awesome, yea?

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  • Luke Halliday

    This is pretty impressive.

  • Man that EPIC !! NotEntirelySure is sure one talented dude. Great work he know his stuff thats for sure 😉

  • Cellophane Girl

    HOLY F***!!!
    That is INSANE!!!
    I wonder how many hours he put into the planning of that run. That is so crazy!

    • billions? TrillionS? Quadrillions? it makes my mind asplode!

  • Cellophane Girl

    My super obsessive nintendo fan friend watched this and said he used some glitches and played on an emulator. So while it’s still some impressive coordination, it’s slightly less impressive than if he had gotten this score on an actual NES.
    Still, I’m sure it took the guy forever to be able to do that.

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