Heroes of Ruin limited edition 3DS revealed

Square Enix News 3DS

Square Enix is a company that likes to release special limited edition versions of consoles and handhelds when they work on a big named title. For example they made a special Xbox 360 for the release of FFXIII and countless special DS versions for Japan. Now they are doing the same with the 3DS by creating a limited edition version of the handheld to go along with their Heroes of Ruin title.

The limited edition is so limited however that they won’t be selling them in stores, instead the publisher is going to be holding contest to give these handhelds away to fans. You can enter the contest here after you register and by the end of July you should know if you won or not. I’d have to say that this Heroes of Ruin 3DS far outshines the current two color choices we’ve been given, although still primarily black in color.

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