Double Dragon 2 remake coming to the XBLA; named Wander of the Dragons

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Fans of the Double Dragon series may jump at the sight of this news but you better keep your pants on for at least a little longer. Double Dragon 2 will be coming to the Xbox Live Arcade sometime in September for 1200 MSP but there is a catch here. The game is being remade into a 3D arcade game and is going to be called Wander of the Dragons which is a very strange name considering Wanderer would be at least appropriate.

The title is being developed by Barunson Interactive which is a Korean Developer. The game is based off of the arcade version of Double Dragon 2: The Revenge and will feature 3D graphics and new revamped gameplay. The characters have also seen a rather significant design change and judging from the gameplay video that Eurogamer has put online, this could be a rather upsetting game for true fans of the Double Dragon series.

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  • Ok now this is very weird, I have mixed feeling about this. Having grown up with Double Dragon and then Double Dragon 2. I own both original arcade machines, so I know the game inside out.

    Taking a look at the game in its current state shown in the video above, doesn’t look anything like the original arcade game at all. What it kinda feels like a the Super Double Dragon remake that was released on the Super Nintendo which must say is one of the best video game remakes made for Double Dragon.

    This version of Double Dragon 2 is something Im going to give the benefit of the doubt for now but I personally believe it not really staying true to the original arcade title. A few thing’s I’ve noticed is that original enemies in the game are there some don’t look anything like what they are meant to look like, but some look kinda cool like Abore and Machine Gun Willy.

    I think i’ll shup up for now and see what else I can find out from Barunson Interactive before jumping to any more conclusions.

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