Cthulhu Saves The World and Breath of Death VII bundle profits on PC destroy XBLIG profits

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Ever wonder why the Indie game scene on the Xbox Live Indie Games is so barren of amazing titles? Well the following news will help shed some light on that situation. Recently Zeboyd, developers of Cthulhu Saves The World, released a bundle on Steam with that game and Breath of Death VII. The bundle costs only $3 and only a week after being released they have made more money than everything put together from the Xbox Live Indie Game sales.

Breath of Death was released in April of 2009 for $1 and Cthulhu went live on December 2010 for $3 and they have only sold 50,000 and 17,000 copies respectively. These figures barely match up to the 30,000 copies sold in one week on Steam and making Zeboyd nearly $100,000. There can been plenty said with the fact that Microsoft does a poor job marketing, or even showing that Indie games exist but statistics don’t lie my friend.

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