Capcom Europe angers fans further over Mega Man Legends 3 cancellation

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You know what you are supposed to do in the case of a fire? Not throw gasoline on it. Apparently no one told the folks over at Capcom Europe because they have most recently caused even more fan outrage in their statements to fans through the @CapcomEuro Twitter. Destructoid caught wind of the comment that caused the proverbial “shitstorm” of trouble for Capcom.

The comment was in a reply to someone asking about the project and they responded saying “It’s a shame the fans didn’t want to get more involved if we saw there was an audience for MML3 people might change minds.”

Because of this comment nearly anyone who was a fan of Mega Man Legends 3 opened up their floodgates of anger an directed it straight at Capcom Europe. Since then Capcom Europe says they mean the devroom, not gamers, but perhaps the best thing that Capcom could do is just stop talking. Of course announcing an expansion pack of DLC characters for Marvel vs Capcom 3 as a $40 game, still with no Mega Man, isn’t the best time to anger fans further.

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  • I am a member of a group of Mega Man Legends fans and i am here to ask for the aid of all the fans that see this page to join our cause at the link below. We plan on starting a mailing campaign to show Capcom we do care, and that this game has enough fans to warrant its release. We currently have 8,347 members and counting. We need you!

    • Cellophane Girl

      I’m not really a fan of Mega Man, but I am a gamer and I know how it feels to have games cancelled on you. So I’ll be sure to join and do what I can to help. ^_^

  • Cellophane Girl

    Capcom just keeps digging that hole they are in deeper and deeper. They need to get their act together.

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