Super Mario Bros. Mii Wii U gameplay

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E3 2011, MasterAbott had an opportunity to play through Super Mario Bros. Mii for the Wii U system. Courtesy of Wolf and himself, comes this gameplay video of the game.

The game plays similarly to the earlier Wii and DS versions of the game, but also allows you to run through the game as your own Mii as well as with the Mario cast. Watch as Phil flicks the controller to make Mario spin, and learn the secrets of the game through Masterabbott’s own demonstrations.

Super Mario Brothers for the Wii U was set up to show attendees that they can play seamlessly without a TV. A TV was set up showing the game itself alongside the Wii U controller which displayed the exact same image flawlessly. We had five different levels to choose from, including a basic ground level, a cloud level and more. Super Mario Bros. Mii has the Mii name because you can play as your own Mii instead of Mario or Luigi.

Watch the video embedded below for more details. After the images of course.

“Swing your arms from side to side (Come on lets go, do the Mario); Take one step then back again (Just like that)”



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