Rift 1.3 Waves of Madness is now Live.


Have you logged into Rift over the last few days? You may have noticed the new medium sized patches that you had to download. Those patches were in-fact the 1.3 update, which has been live for a little while now.

Upon logging in after those incredibly patches, you will find that you version number has increased to 1.3 and with that patch comes a whole plethora of features. Those features are discussed below.

  • Hammerknell Opening Event – Limited time rewards, new mounts, and more plunder from the deeps
  • The Ancient Fortress of Hammerknell – 20 man raid, 10 bosses, opens at the climax of the World Event
  • Free In-Game Character & Guild Transfers – Click for the initial destination shards and find your perfect home in the Shard Travel Hub
  • Guild Banks!
  • Bind on Account Wardrobe/Vanity Items: Enjoy the event, and reap the rewards for your other characters.
  • New costume pieces, including Hammerknell themed items
  • Use Quantum Sight (Defiant) and Omen Sight (Guardian) Ascended Powers to find all new artifacts
  • PvP World Quests: Daily, level 50 quests that grant favour – battle on!

Be sure to check out the Official Website for more info.

Also be sure to check the Patch Notes for a more detailed rundown.

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