PlayStation Branded 3DTV Bundle

News E3 2011 Sony

Sony, leader of crazy announcements you would never expect, announced something you didn’t expect. At Sony’s E3 2011 Press Event they once again came out punching and announced a PlayStation branded 3D Display. Available worldwide, the 24-inch full HD LCD display gives PS3 users easy, affordable access to 3D entertainment. Designed to deliver the ultimate gaming experience, the 3D Display comes equipped with a special two-player feature that allows two players playing a multi-player game to see individual, unique, full-screen images of gameplay using the bundled 3D Glasses and supported software title.

Crazy you say? I’m inclined to agree.

The 3D TV will be released in the fall with a pair of 3D glasses, Resistance 3 and an HDMI cable for USD $499.99. That’s one hell of a deal Sony, I commend you.

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