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While we all wait excitedly for the release of Uncharted 3, Naughty Dog developers keep on teasing us with new information and screenshots. Now via the official Playstation blog, they talk more about the multiplayer aspect and amazing amount of detail portrayed throughout the game.

Standing out is the immense array of character and item mods now available to players. This includes weapon and gun mods as well as being able to create customised heroes and villains. In short the game has taken on a very personal feel to it with a concentration on social networking. Players can choose allies to fight alongside from their Facebook friends and then post their epic battles on Facebook and YouTube for others to be amazed at.

Uncharted 3 beta begins on 28th June for PSN+ subscribers and those with special Infamous 2 copies. Full access to the multiplayer beta will begin on 5th July for regular Playstation network users.

And without further ado, a few words from Naughty Dogs game developers

The Lab has been setup by Naughty Dog to host specific multiplayer based games that can be used for research and to add new features and updates to Uncharted 2 and 3. Game director Justin Richmond explains how Naughty Dog wants “to do more of that kind of thing with Uncharted 3. We have the ability to get feedback from fans and we want to maintain that dialogue”. Sounds like a pretty smart thing to do in an era where gamers are demanding more and more from developers.

Richmond goes on to explain how the technology they used for 3D rendering allowed them to implement it to support a splitscreen format. While he makes it sound simple he also makes sure not to downplay the exceptional work of his team in making it all happen seamlessly.

Uncharted 3’s splitscreen multiplayer will also allow players to sign in from dual PSN account, eliminating the need for both players to be on the same account to play together.

Every level in Uncharted 3’s multiplayer mode will feature some kind of dramatic event similar to that found in Uncharted 2’s train wreck scene which reveals an RPG. Feedback has shown how much people enjoyed this change of pace and innovation so the team has decided to implement much more variation in gameplay such as Airstrips finale and the Chateaus burning to reveal secrets.

Treasure collection has been modified to allow buddies to collect treasure for you, which is sorted into sets giving players items and mods when a set has been collected.

Richmond explains how the climbing element of the game which left players feeling like sitting ducks sometimes in Uncharted 2 multiplayer has been completely revamped. It has become much more tactical with players having to wait for the right time to either jump up or pull down enemies.

The Uncharted 3 feature will allow full streaming to Facebook and YouTube as well as being able to stream videos into the engine. Players will be able to watch vids while waiting for games to load.

Richmond also tells how high level players will benefit from many changes within the new game. He comments that the title is “much deeper”. Boosters can be levelled up through use and players can buy potent Paid boosters giving them a substantial advantage over the competition. He goes on to say that the “rankings system plays into (the concept), with the higher ranking players having more options available to them. It’s a far more interesting system…”

Personally I can’t wait for this one as despite the hype have only just got into Uncharted 2 and was nothing but impressed from every aspect of the title.

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