Fable: The Journey Announced At E3…

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Continuing Microsoft’s Kinect related announcements, a brand new Fable game was unveiled at the event. Fable: The Journey is set in the Fable world, but will be completely motion-controlled via the Kinect sensor. During the debut clip for the game, the familiar voice of Theresa greeted viewers to what will be the first motion-controlled Kinect title from a franchise.

The clip didn’t really go into detail as far as plot goes, but instead we seen a glimpse of how Fable: The Journey will actually play out while using the Kinect sensor. A scene is quickly set with the player taking control of the reins of a wagon as it speeds out of control, only to have to do battle using magic spells with several enemies shortly after. It definitely is a change for the Fable franchise we are familiar with as it appears the gameplay will be 100% on rails. Personally, this looks to be a hard sell for those most familiar with the Fable series as the exploration element seems to be vacant in The Journey. Only time will truly tell though how this epic this journey might become, but for now you can watch the new launch trailer below.

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