Dexter Season Six Trailer

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Dexter is a critically acclaimed television series that follows the life and ‘deaths’ of a serial killer named Dexter. The series has been airing since 2006 on the Showtime channel in the US and will be starting it’s sixth season this September.

The series is a critical success and has received several Emmy nominations, some of which it has won. This season has been announced to feature guest stars; Colin Hanks (son of Tom Hanks), Edward James Olmos and Mos Def. Oh and in case you were wondering, yes Dexter still like’s killing people.

The trailer for the new season has just been released and can be seen below.

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  • Cellophane Girl

    I LOVE Dexter. I’m really behind on the series though. Working on finishing up season 3, then gonna move on to 4 and 5. (hopefully I’ll be all caught up by the time all of season 6 is out, it’s one of those shows that is so good I hate to have to wait a week between episodes, so I just get it on dvd or blu-ray and have marathon sessions of watching).

    I have Game of Thrones waiting to be watched as well. Everyone I know that has seen it is raving about it. Going to get the book set as well.

  • Look outstanding! Are you guys BIG DEXTER Fans? Will you be watching this season? Touch base and let us know what you think about the program and we’ll use your input in our show.

    Thanks for sharing DEXTER News and we look forward to hearing from YOU!


    Mike Wilkerson
    Talk Show Host
    The DEXTER Podcast from 2GuysTalking

  • Cellophane Girl

    Woah drive by advertising. hehe. Didn’t know there was a Dexter podcast. I’m to far behind in the series to actually listen to it right now though. But I’ll pass along the info to my hubby who is actually up to date with the show.

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