COMPETITION!! Hunted: The Demon’s Forge!

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To celebrate today’s launch of Hunted: The Demon’s Forge from Bethesda, we here at Capsule Computers have an opportunity to present you all with an epic competition! This competition we have three three physical copies of the latest game from Bethesda, Hunted: The Demons Forge! Not only will each winner receive their own copy of the game on Xbox360, PS3 or PC; they will also recieve a bonus keychain/bottle opener for their own enjoyment. I imagine that for some contestants; popping open a few beers with some mates while burning through this awesome title would be an amazing thing to do. Now, picture yourself doing that with a copy that YOU WON, ripping open a cold one with a special bottle opener that has been claimed as a victory prize! Wouldn’t that be even more sweet?

So here’s what is needed to be done to win.

The First winner will be decided by the comment left on this article that appeases us the most. Let us know what you’re looking forward to the most about playing Hunted Demon Forge, make the post relevant, but as awesome as possible.

The Second winner will be decided via twitter. Copy and paste the following into twitter :  “Follow @CapsuleComputerand tells us why u want to win a copy of Hunted: The Demons Forge”  this will let us know to include you in the draw.

Lastly, The Third winner will be selected from a pool of fans on our Facebook page. MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE A FAN TO BE ELIGIBLE! To win the Facebook prize, you must tell us what it is that you would do with your own demon forge! – Click here to enter over on our FACEBOOK discussion page.

Competition will end on the 10th of June.  Winners will be notified via email or direct message within twitter.  ** SPECIAL NOTE ** ensure your email address is valid when leaving a comment and also let us know what part of the world you are from !! 🙂

Good luck and HAPPY HUNTING !!!

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  • Cellophane Girl

    I want to win this so I can fire up the 360 with my hubby and we can kill together in a blaze of bloody, intense, GLORY!

    The co-op is perfect option for some awesome game time for the two of us. We have been watching reviews and trailers of the game together in preparation for the day when we can battle together!

    • Cellophane Girl

      Oh yes.. we are in the US.. I forgot to mention that. Sorry. I got to excited thinking about battle. 😛

  • mrcapncaveman

    Extreme medieval weaponry, Awesome creatures and scenery. The ripping out of the heart is just waaaaay to cool! I must Play! They make killing an art form more than a way to survive. A Battle to be fought with pride and excitement. I want it pretty bad and would love to be one of the first in my hood to own it.

    Im from the USA

  • Journey Channel

    I’ve always liked the idea of playing co op with your best buddies side by side. This way we can communicate, work together, and experience the game together.

    I do get lonely or bored just playing the game by myself, so I think is time I kick it up a notch with co op.

    • Journey Channel

      PS3 USA

  • blakehu

    This is just awesome! Everything Bethesda touches is going to be Unique! I am looking forward for some great monster hunt! And the best part is the co-op, I can’t wait to play it with my girlfriend 😀 I hope she screams a lot while playing 😛

    I’m from Hungary (Europe). 8)

  • I’m looking forward to the feel of drawing back my bow, letting an arrow fly and the satisfying *thunk* as it tears in the flesh of my enemy, or crunch as my sword shatters the bones of a skeleton that dared to defy me. Even better? I can do it with a buddy who can witness my awesomeness! Thanks guys!


    IN the USA

  • Diesel69er

    I am looking forward to my two sons age 15 and 13 to play this co-op title together. They are very interested in the fantasy/medieval armor and weapons, along with the magic spells for attacking and defending. It does not seem to be the typical slow moving dungeon crawling game, but more of a fast paced new age shooter with a bit of co-op puzzle thrown in. I myself am looking forward to the church key!! I will be hackin’ and slashin’ many a beer bottle top with that if we win!! Thanks for the contest and good luck to all that enter!

    Twitter: @Diesel69er

    Xbox 360 in USA

  • Bob

    I’m looking forward to adventuring through the world of Hunted the Demon’s Forge with my wife. We always play new cooperative games together and this one definitely won’t be left out.

    PC in Canada

    • Cellophane Girl

      Playing co-op with your significant other is one of life’s greatest pleasures isn’t it? 😀

      • Bob

        definitely 😮

  • Darklurkr23

    Trailer music was awesome, bet they will be a great soundtrack. I think it looks like a nice warm up to Diablo 3. It’s always great to beat **** up with a friend! Can’t wait to make me up some sweet armor and weapons out of all these demons I’m killing. And they WILL be both be forced to wear a Demon-Hide Speedo and Slingshot Bikini. O yes.

    PS3 – USA
    FB – Jared Zimmermann

  • Nicole

    I would love to win this because i would love to play co-op with my friend i hear so many awesome things about this game and i even built my own castle out of my xbox 360 games look

    and now all i need are some demons to fight thanks for this awesome contest <3<3<3

    XBOX 360 – USA
    FB: Nicole Bouchard

    • Cellophane Girl

      Now I kinda want to build a castle out of my games… I don’t have enough empty floor space though. :/

      Also Yay for music games! I <3 GH and RB games. ^_^

  • orgasMICK

    I’m only entering to get the bottle opener.

    Just kidding, I would like this game because I’ve been killing to get my hands on a good game, which isn’t just guns and bombs, so I would really enjoy this game as I wanna use the BOW n ARROW!

    PC – England

    This be all!

  • DollFishu

    I have been playing video games ever since I can remember and I am always excited to see how developers bring forth ingenuity that cater to our gaming needs. What I’m looking forward to in Hunted: The Demon’s Forge mostly is the Crucible mode. I have always loved seeing user generated content in video games, ever since I had played “Dungeon Keeper” eons ago! The aspect of creating and designing arenas gives gamers the kind of freedom that helps in keeping the wheels in their heads turning and the creative juices flowing, rather than just drone your way through preset arenas, caves, and dungeons. What I love about these video games is their replay value, no matter how old the game is you end up finding yourself immersed at playing it over and over again! I can see myself having a lot of fun with this =)

    PS3 – I hail from the U.A.E!

  • niacine

    I like Swords, I like co-op,I like Mid-evil ass games, I like Bethesda, most importantly I love bad-assed elven girls in chainmail thongs wasting everything in site with flameing ice arrows that explode with sheer awesome. I also like beer. So if I got it I’d play coop as a bad-assed elven girl with my friend who recently bought this.

    • niacine

      Oh yeah and drink a couple Sam Adams.

  • Mudtastic

    Humbly bowing before thee.

    Oh Please Lords of Gaming, bestowith upon me the power to smite thy foes with monstrous shiny like swords and to impale judiciously upon my golden arrows. Give this lowly cur the opportunity to join his band of brothers, this happy one other person whom I could playith with, so we may lay waste and carnage before us, much like an Animal House Party. I humbly beseech thee for this gift and make this man indescribably joyous.

    • Mudtastic

      Oh and I am from the US.

  • blakehu

    “Competition will end on the 10th of June.”

    So who are the winners? 🙂

    • Cellophane Girl

      I’m wondering the same thing.
      Did you guys forget you were running a competition? We wanna know who are the lucky winners who get to enjoy this game. 😀

      • I’ve actually been bugging the editor in chief on the results since a few days before then. I’ll get back to you all.

        • Cellophane Girl

          😉 Thanks, that seems to do the trick.

  • Editor – In – Chief here to let you know we’ll be picking a winner from here soon. We’ll also have a winner from our Facebook site and also Twitter. So sit tight .. I appologize for the delay. Will announce a winner very shortly 🙂 🙂

    • Cellophane Girl

      No worries. We know you guys have been busy with E3 and cons and such. Thanks for the update. ^_^

      • blakehu

        Thanks guys. It is always better late, then never. 😀

  • blakehu

    Still nothing? 😕

  • blakehu .. we are still awaiting the stock to arrive from Bethesda.. once it arrives we will announce the winners. As the competition is still on the site we haven’t forgotten about you guys 😉 sit tight we’ll pick a winner soon 😛

    • blakehu

      Cool 8) thanks for the notice (once again 😛 )

  • SORRY FOR THE DELAY IN CHOOSING THE WINNERS. We have picked the following winners :

    Bob and DollFishu

    Our other winner has been picked from Facebook : click here to see who that was :

    Thanks once again for taking part in this contest 🙂 And once again sorry for the delay in picking the winners 🙂

    • DollFishu

      Thank you so much Capsule Computers! So excited to have won! And congrats to the other winners =D

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