Shinobi 3DS revealed with September release date

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Sega has made it official, they will be bringing the Shinobi series to the 3DS. Announced today for a September 2011 release Sega has stated they will be relaunching the series on the 3DS with the first game being called Shinobi. Not very imaginative maybe but perhaps the proper thing to do since the series hasn’t seen a game in nine years.

Shinobi will be a 2D side scrolling game with 3D capabilities mixed into it. Released alongside this announcement was a gameplay trailer that shows off Shinobi’s lineage as a series as well as everything that they have added to it. Apparently there will be new magic and new skills to learn as well as impressively crafted 3D gameplay mixed in. Lets just hope it isn’t like a bad 3D movie where they simply make things fly at the screen for no reason other than to show off the 3D. Catch the trailer below.

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