inFamous 2 Interview with Ken Schramm and Joe Ishikura

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Do you.. (A) run and hide, or (B) step up to the plate, amp yourself up with crazy amounts of ionic powers and take that thing head on !!!

Today MasterAbbott had the pleasure to speak with Ken Schramm and Joe Ishikura from Sucker Punch Productions about their highly anticipated sequel inFamous 2 for Playstation 3.

Joe (Game designer over at Sucker Punch who’s in charge of all the missions in the game) takes us through what you can expect to see, feel and experience in inFamous 2.  A whole lot of major upgrades have been implemented into the game; these include Cole new abilities and super powers, upgraded environments, new and improved enemies which are stronger, faster and more deadlier,  new missions which now include UGC (User Generated Content). This works similar to the UGC used in Little Big Planet and Modnation Rachers where the Playstation community can create their own missions and have them appear in the game (if Sucker Punch feel there’re worthy of being in there). This potentially can increase the games longevity immensely.

inFamous 2 is not just a 1.5 upgrade from the original but a fully revamped sequel running off an updated version of the inFamous 1 engine, as explained by Ken the cut-scenes are no longer in a 2D comic book style but 3D in game engine scenes(similar to Uncharted).  Gameplay wise inFamous will keep you entertained for a minimum of 12-13 hours. That’s if you just rush through the main missions, there are approx 150 missions in total, consisting of around 40 main story missions, 100 or so side missions, then of course as explained before 10 preloaded UGC missions with potentially hundreds and hundreds of new UGC that will keep you coming back for more,  Ken explained that some of the UGC that players have already created and you can expect to see are Frogger type missions, Angry Birds (entitled Angry Cole) and a hole lot of others.  Players are given the tools to create and share with the community, so expect to see an amazing array of fun and talented missions.

This time around Cole will not be alone, along the way he will team with two new super heros, one named KUO who weilds powerful ice ability. KUO represents Order and reason in true super hero fashion.  On the other side of the fence we have NIX who represnts Chaos and is empowered with napalm and oil based abilities. Cole will get to battle alongside KUO and NIX on certain missions in the game.  The two companions as explained represent your two moral choices based on your actions, with that the world you are in changes to reflect the actions and choices you make.  This will also effect the game’s story development.  Just like the first inFamous it’s recommended to play through the game twice to experience both Good and Evil story plots and ending.

So are you ready? Do you have what it takes to battle the beast and come out on top ?  Remember with great power comes great responsibility.  inFamous 2 is scheduled for release on June 7th

Enjoy the interview :

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