G4 crashes helicopter into house, denies damage

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G4 was at one time, very long ago, known as a television channel for gamers. Those days, however, have long since past and the network is now plagued with hour long marathons of reality tv like Cops, Cheaters, and Campus PD (cops for drunken college students). If you’re lucky, you might catch Star Trek Next Generation, but rarely will you see any quality programing relating to games anymore. It has been long thought by the gaming community that the quality of G4TV has plummeted since its Tech TV days. Well, now something else has plummeted: Campus PD’s helicopter into the home of Pennsylvania residents.

As you can see from the phot above, there was severe damage to the bedroom and property of the homeowners. After the crash, G4 denied that there was any structural damage to the house and the press was shown a still intact wall from the street. The wall the press saw however was not the wall the chopper hit, and the true scope of the crash was hidden. While there are plenty of reasons to hate G4, or to be disgusted by their programming, I think this really just scrapes the bottom of the barrel. Not only do shows like Campus PD or Cops attempt to capitalize on others’ misfortunes (some of whom are completely innocent), but they are also just horrible shows. Now G4 has clearly cut out the middle man and is trying to see just how unlikeable a single network can be. Please, head over to Reddit, where the distraught couple shares the rest of their story.

  • Rob

    Define “structural damage” to an engineer that usually means damage to the structural support of a building. It looks to me based on the picture that the window and several wall studs were cut but it did not go all the way to the corners where the main structureal supports would be. The damage is similar to what would happen if you wanted to put in a bigger window. While the situation is not great I would think the guy should be happy that he was not in the room OR in the helecopter as there are still two people including the pilot in very serious condition in the hospital. Until they can get a full statement from teh pilot and passengers and the FAA can investigate there is nothing the film company can do as if they pay off the guy who owns the aprtment then it is learned that it was an issue that could have been prevented by taking a settlement the resident may not be able to sue after the fact. I am sure legally nobody can settle with anyone else until the full investigation is done.

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