Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 battle screenshots released

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The Gundam franchise has been alive and well for 32 years now and fans have been following it all the way from the original Mobile Suit Gundam to the most recent Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. Both Tecmo Koei and Namco Bandai are joining forces yet again to bring fans of the Gundam series another game to play as their favorite characters.

In the screenshots released today we see how combat will look in Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 and how the title itself will look with the cel-shaded look that will appeal to fans of the series. With hundreds of enemies in your path waiting to be cut down through any number of different energy weapons this is going to be a game that will be hard to miss for a fan of Dynasty Warriors, Gundam, or better yet a fan of Dynasty Warriors Gundam itself. It’s been released in Japan since the end of last year but it will be released to the West on June 28th for the US and the 24th for Europe.

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