Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale, releases next week!!

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Upcoming Dungeons & Dragons game, Daggerdale, is set to be released by ATARI in the next week.

The game is set in the fan favorite Forgotten Realms universe of the Dungeons & Dragons franchise and promises to give an accurate 4th ed. experience in an episodic title available over the Xbox Live arcade, as well as the PC. Featuring hack and slash gameplay, the game in question looks like it’s going to be an amazing experience for all fans of the Dungeons & Dragons phenomenon.

Daggerdale is going to be playable both solo and co-operatively with a friend offline, or upto 3 friends online. Questing, immersive combat, and character development over the course of a series of stunning levels and locations are going to bring you an authentic Dungeons & Dragons experience.

For more information visit the Official Site.


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  • Relzner

    Never played D&D. Might skip Fable 3 purchase on steam for this. Looking forward to the reviews next week.

  • blakehu

    Woooooooooooo, finaly D&D.

  • Ninja The Rabbi

    What time is this supposed to be released? I’ve been hearing all sorts of things and i just wanna stay up until i can download it its the 25th where im at now and no download 🙁

    • Ninja The Rabbi

      i mean its the 24th O.o

    • 31st apparently. It wasn’t in the information sheet I was given, so I couldn’t put it up as a confirmed date.

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