Bethesda Releasing Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition this June…

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With Skyrim now just under six months away, those who have been trying to find something to occupy themselves until 11-11-11 can now rejoice as Bethesda are celebrating the 5th year birthday of Oblivion (can’t believe it’s been that long) with a bang. Why am I saying this? The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition is now set to release on June 28th according to several online retailers.

Along with a stunning steelbook (which sells me on the package instantly), this version of the classic will include the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game Of The Year Edition, a map, making of DVD with Skyrim Trailer, and a $10 OFF voucher for Skyrim. It also seems that the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC will all see this beauty for a nice low price of just $29.99. Now this is looking like a limited release, so I would advise to do some planning ahead but as of now, only Best Buy and Overstock have the 5th Anniversary Edition actually listed for pre-order, which is sure to change eventually. Honestly though, if you are planning on getting Skyrim, this deal is a no-brainer as even without the DVD and fancy goodies, this is still a fantastic deal that should not be passed up. Now wipe the drool off your face and get to pre-ordering!

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  • blakehu

    Looks more then just AWESOME! 😀 This is a must have!

  • Cellophane Girl

    Oooo pretty.
    Also, WOW 5 years already? I really need to actually PLAY the game. Probably need to start over, I have NO IDEA where I was in the game. I wasn’t very far in anyway.

    :: puts Oblivion on list of games to play ::
    One day I’ll stop playing Rock Band long enough to play my other games. 😉

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