Max Payne 3: some more teaser pics

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You may have seen the teaser pics previously on Capsule computers, and to keep all you salivating Max Payne fans from choking on your own spit, Rockstar games have released a few more screenshots showing some amazing environmental detail and a new look Max. In what somes to be a marketing build up to a much anticipated and awaited title, fans were greeted with a simple tweet of “Hes coming”, an ominous entrance to a dark and much missed character. Rockstar games who took over ownership of the franchise from Remedy are releasing exclusive information to Edge magazinevia an interview with their Art Director Rob Nelson who says players should expect a more linear gaming style rather than a free open world, more true to the games comic book feel and roots. He says to expect the same advances in realism and NaturalMotion that gave RDR the advantage over GTA controls as well as an advancement in the games AI, bullet control and character realism thanks to developers having much more control and ability and adapt the system to different situations.

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