First Bloodrayne: Betrayal screenshot is full of blood but no rayne

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We haven’t seen much of Bloodrayne: Betrayal ever since it was announced last month. There has been few details and even fewer actual images of the game and how it will look. That is until Majesco decided to update their Facebook page with a screenshotshowing an explosion of blood and guys in fancy suits being killed. One thing that isn’t seen however is Rayne herself besides a rough pixelation.

The reason for this pixelation was actually censorship from the company themselves because they are saving the new character design for a later announcement.  From what we can make out on the character she will still have her blood red hair but besides that there is little be seen. You can check out their Facebook page if you wish to, but there is nothing to see at the moment besides the same teaser trailer we’ve already seen.

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