American McGee’s Alice comes free with purchase of Alice: Madness Returns; costs $10 otherwise

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EA can’t issue their hated $10 pass for used games if the game has no multiplayer right? Well they can in a way but this time it is much more rewarding than simply having access to the online mode for a game. A few days back we mentioned that Alice: Madness Returns would ship with a downloadable code that can be redeemed by buyers to gain full access to the original Alice that was released on the PC.

The Online Pass Code will be redeemable only once so you will not be able to use it if someone has already managed to use it. Making the bonus exclusive to new purchases or lucky second handers that find an unused code. Though much like EA’s other Project Ten Dollar codes you will be able to download American McGee’s Alice on the PSN and XBLM for 800 MSP or $9.99 on the PSN if you buy the game new, or if you don’t feel like buying the sequel to play the original. The title will appear online the same day Alice: Madness Returns releases on June 14th.

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  • ropes

    Actually I like this idea since not many people who have played the original would rebuy the game unless they really loved it.

  • Zowwerz

    That’s quite a smart idea, I haven’t played the original and would like to, as the new one looks really awesome. Think it will be money well spent that’s for sure.

    • get it get it get it tehen le me play it :p

  • blakehu

    Not bad idea. But the new game is more that intrest me.

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