PlayStation Plus users to receive online game save option tomorrow

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Sony has announced that PlayStation Plus members will have the ability to use an online storage system to store their PS3 game save files in. This means that you will be able to play your save games from anywhere with an internet connection and your own PlayStation Account logged in to a friend’s PS3. As part of the $50 a year membership you will be able to store 150 MB or 1,000 save files whichever one is reached first.

In the future games will have the option to save directly into the PSN “cloud” instead of asking to save to your HDD which sounds like a new feature in theory but if the loss of internet occurs for whatever reason then you are sitting there with no access to your saved file. Players can use the feature to also back up their saves in an effort to make sure that nothing is lost if the worst should happen to their PS3. There has currently been no word of this feature becoming available for normal users and it most likely will not which gives PlayStation Plus a new feature to tempt PS3 owners into spending their money.

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