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Optometrists in the US are welcoming the latest device from Nintendo, the 3DS, as it may be able to help diagnose vision related problems early in a childs life.

Because of the way the 3D is detected by the eyes, some children with vision-impairing disabilities may not be able to see the images correctly which could mean that they are likely to develop, or have already developed some kind of problem. They also say that children who report dizziness and headaches form the device should also be checked out. While the device can be used for diagnosing problems, the eye-specialists believe that the device shouldn’t be harmful to children under six.

The 3DS comes out this week in the US and launches on the 31st of March here in Australia.

For more information check the original article at News.com.au

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  • v8hilux

    shouldn’t be harmfull to people under 6, im sure i’ve already heard from numerous sources it shouldn’t be used by anyone under 12? plus is using a handheld console that can damage a yound childs eyes really the best way to diagnose them :-/

    • I believe the disclaimer Nintendo gives out is 6-7 years of age. Also, we’re not talking multiple hours. A couple of minutes should be long enough for a diagnosis, or at the least, enough information for a proper examination.

      • v8hilux

        ah fair doos, you know that there will be plenty of kids under 7 who will get one bought for them

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