Nintendo 3DS – Find a demo station near you!

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We are all excited to try out the Nintendo 3DS.  Launching in just one week, Sunday March 27, 2011, it is sure to be a hot seller.  If your still on the fence about this radical new system though, you will be glad to know that you can try out one of these portables at a demo kiosk near you.  Just go to this website here: and try to find a store that will carry this promotion. Nintendo says that the 3DS will be demoed nationwide, so chances are that you can find one. Plus, they are adding more all the time, so if you can’t find just yet, be patient.  It will certainly help make up a few peoples mind, especially those worried about how their own vision will react to the images COMING AT YOUR FACE!


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  • Sergio

    US only 🙁

    • sorry, i misread nationwide as worldwide. darn :S

  • We cant be so lucky 🙁 here in Australia we’re not allowed to play 18+ games as they are considered VERY BAD !!! oh well just have to wait a little longer (march 31 to play with our 3DS)

  • v8hilux

    poops, need to find out when n where they are in the uk for a go. seen a lot of adverts but you can’t show off the graphics n 3d, just gota look at some muppets going ooooohhhh wooooowwwww.

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