Homefront price drops to $42 at Walmart, Amazon; THQ stock down 25%

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Well this is not good news for THQ considering they have stated previously that Homefront must ship 2 million copies to break even. Just one day after Homefront was released in stores in the United States Walmart has decided to “roll back” prices on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. This isn’t a simple $5 or $10 price drop either but a full drop down to $41.96.

In an effort to keep their prices as competitive as they can with the competition Amazon.com has also dropped down copies of the game for those two consoles to the price of only $41.96. The cost has never been cheaper to fight for your homeland. Of course day after release price drops are never a good sign for publishers and THQ’s stock has fallen by nearly 26% at the time of writing this since the game’s release. This news comes as a surprise considering it was also previously said that Homefront was THQ’s most pre-ordered game ever.

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