GameStop puts Catherine for July 26 release

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Atlus broke the bad news to fans that Catherine wasn’t going to be coming to the West a week ago and this made quite a few people unhappy and also seemed unreasonable considering the amount of sales they could pull in. Now a few days later there was an image sent out from Atlus themselves with a Catherine-like pink background and the words “Do you still like us?” up against it.

Then today GameStop ended up listing Catherine for a release date of July 26 in North America…. oops. This listing has been pulled already but you can find the cache’d proof of the listing here. This isn’t anything more than a rumor at the moment but considering the fact that they already sent out a teaser image, Atlus will most likely release information soon.

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  • Cellophane Girl

    YES! Now there is great hope! And if that is the correct release date it’s in good time for my birthday in August.
    :: does a happy dance ::

    • v8hilux

      I hope that’s the same happy dance from Baseketball? 😀

  • v8hilux

    a lot of retailers seem to be “slipping up” and putting game online for sale way ahead of schedule then pulling them. Think it’s all a ploy. i still can’t fathem how you accidently set up the webpage and shoppingkart info for a game 3 months ahead of schedule by accident.

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