Gabe Newell gives his account info out to show Steam Guard’s protection

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You have to give Valve’s Gabe Newell some credit, he at least stands behind the products that his company supports. Today at GDC he demonstrated the efficiency of Steam’s new security measure that they are calling Steam Guard. He did this by not only letting everyone see him log into his personal steam account but then went so far as to tell everyone his account name and password and then challenge those in attendance to try and hack into his account.

I don’t know if Gabe has been around the internet lately but usually challenging hackers to try and break into your supposed unbreakable account is really not a smart idea, especially when those in the depths of the internet hear about it. There is also a high chance that this account is simply a dummy that doesn’t actually contain any information other than to test how fast their Steam Guard can be broken.

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  • Life Lock did the same thing, and then some guy did steal it! haha

    • rob hestar

      haha you beat me to it.If people are determined enough they’ll hack his account so I hope it’s a dummy one as you say.

    • v8hilux

      no doubt someone will take a pop at it, not maliciously but just to prove a point n get some notoriety.

  • v8hilux

    intersting tatics, hope he’s aware that this tatic backfire for jeremy clarkson when he said you could commit fraud just from an account number n sortcode n then had £50 taken out of his account :p

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