The Gunstringer listed on XBLA momentarily

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When The Gunstringer was announced earlier in the month there was no mention of how Twisted Pixel’s latest game would be released to the public. Everyone was too happy to hear about the fact that a good looking Kinect game was being developed. But the distribution method may have just been revealed ahead of time thanks to a mistake on’s part.

Seen above is a shot of what appeared on Xbox’s website momentarily before the mistake was taken down. We see that the title is listed as an Arcade game only which means it would be the first American created Kinect game for the XBLA. There has been nothing official said by either company yet but it would not go beyond the realms of possibility considering Twisted Pixel has only released Arcade games so far.

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  • jaypea360

    Arcade games for kinect were going to hit us soon enough. Coming up with good ideas is the problem. What I have seen with kinect so far is pretty woeful. Younger members of my family love it though.

  • v8hilux

    again i fail to see how these things can be a mistake as such. someone higher up screwed up if so not the folks who run the site as it surely woudl only have been put up if someone gave the say so or the page wouldn’t even exist yet.
    i’d say pretty much all the games i’ve seen so far are nothing to write home about. saw a vid tho where some bloke smashed his toddler daughter in the face while playing kinect… can see this happening a lot.

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