Okamiden demo up on the Wii today

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Despite the fact that the thought of downloading a demo and the Wii Nintendo Channel usually don’t mix, occasionally a good one shows up to try out. Of course you only have a week to download it before it may disappear forever so as always it is good to jump at your chance quickly. Of course this one requires you to have a Nintendo DS.

The Okamiden demo has appeared on the Wii Nintendo Channel through the DS download area. This will allow players to get a taste of just what the young wolf god can do and hopefully will help boost Okamiden’s sales to justify a full sequel to Okami 2 because the best way to get people on the fence to buy your game is to give them a taste of the full product.

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  • v8hilux

    sounds intrestingly bizarre, no subtitles??

  • Cellophane Girl

    Look how tiny and cute it is!

    I’m sure there are subtitles in English if it’s available in English speaking countries. That screen-shot just may be of Japanese version. 🙂

    • v8hilux

      logic would dictate that, but when did logic apply to the gaming world :p

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