Music from Space Invaders: Infinity Gene to release soon in Japan…

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If you have gotten a chance to play Space Invaders: Infinity Gene which released last year, you may have noticed that one of the most impressive aspects of the arcade title was the fast paced soundtrack. Fans of Infinity Gene can go ahead and get their music devices ready though as the full soundtrack has now been listed for pre-order. The only thing is, as of now only Amazon of Japan have it available but fear not, as I have a feeling Taito might be planning a wider release very soon.

Tracks Include:

1. Ancestor
2. Selection Complete
3. Survival Complete
4. Mutation Complete
5. Reproduce Complete
6. Manipulate Complete
7. Strategy Complete
8. Program Complete
9. Lifegame Complete
10. Great Mother
11. Child
12. Shadow
13. Anima
14. Hero
15. Devi
16. Trickster
17. Wise Old Man
18. Persona
19. Animus
20. Scarecrow
21. Unconscious
22. Strategic Deletion

Keep in mind that many of these tracks have never been released before outside of promotions. I personally cannot wait to blast the tunes to this one, as it looks to be jam-packed full of the best beats from Infinity Gene. As I mentioned, this is only available for pre-order in Japan at the moment, but I would keep an eye out on Amazon (and our very own Capsule Computers Store) as we could see this soundtrack cross shores any day now.

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