MotoGP 10/11 Demo Out Now

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Gamers wanting a taste of Grand Prix motorcycle racing should get their hands on the MotoGP 10/11 demo which hits Xbox Live and PSN today. MotoGP 10/11 is the latest in the long line of realistic Grand Prix motorcycle racing games from Capcom. In this demo, player can either race as GP legends Danny Pedrosa or Andrea Dovizioso, in a single Championship race or in Time Trial against the clock on the famous Mugello circuit.

The full game will of cause feature many more motorcycles, circuits and racers as well as, the brand new feature that allows players the ability to fully customise their own bike set up allowing both fans of arcade and simulation style racing the best of both worlds in an authentic MotoGP gaming experience.

MotoGP 10/11 is set to be released in March 2011.

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  • jaypea360

    Great series this one. I love my motoGP games. Gonna have to check this one out to see what improvements have been made.

  • v8hilux

    last moto gp game i played was pretty good but bike games are miles off the latest abtch of car games in terms of sim, damage, graphics etc. Big motogp fan so will certainly be giving the demo the once over, though hopefully the shot above isn’t from the latest game otherwise people will be playing with last years rider line up. Rossi @ Ducati now plus millions of other rider/team moves

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