inFamous 2 videos show off moral choices in the game

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inFamous had your standard morality system which you played either good or bad Cole and depending on your choices, it made the citizens of the city hate you, change your appearance, and also provide a different ending. Some people may have found this black and white, evil and good, system relatively overused and the developers of inFamous Sucker Punch have decided to show the difference this time around.

In the latest videos released for inFamous 2 we see a few different ways that your choices in the game will effect the world and the missions. There is one video which shows off the good way to handle a mission which involves saving the police and helping them out with the cops’ help, or you could be doing the other method which involves blowing the entire enemy complex away with a street car full of explosives. These decisions may seem relatively similar to what you were presented with back in inFamous 1 but we shall see.

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  • jaypea360

    Who says PS3 dosen’t get good exclusives. This game looks fantastic with some killer gameplay and environments.

    I like how its left up to the player to decide rather than follow a linear path.

  • v8hilux

    looks pretty cool, nice graphics going on. Like the multiple choice angle, don’t see that enough in games, I guess cause the two pathways option takes up more data, but always good to create some variety between play throughs.

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