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Based on the massive success of the Nintendo DS, you can expect that Nintendo 3DS will sell about as fast as Mario on crack. If your dying to get one on day one, you should probably preorder.  And if you are gonna preorder, you might as well get a discounted price, right?!  Well, if you order from the Big W, you can get a whopping $30.00 off plus free delivery on RELEASE DAY!!!  This offer also comes with a stylus, 2 gigabyte SD memory card and pre-installed software (hopefully that means games.)  Get the Cosmos Black or Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS here and glide into the next dimension. Offer only valid in Australia.

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  • will285

    That’s pretty awesome. I would like to get one of these and the NPG when that comes out 🙂

  • v8hilux

    not a bad deal. I assume that’s open to australian residents only?

  • Helen

    Great price! I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  • v8hilux

    wonder if they’ll knock out cruddy limited editions as with the other handhelds, who remembers the tribal edition. was an extra £30 at one point here in the uk, nothing changed just some crappy tribal designs added to the case.

  • go big w. i might have to head there asap

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