Duke Nukem Forever comes to Australia complete

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Gamers in Australia have a very difficult time whenever a game with lots of gore or questionable content is announced. They are of course very excited, but they have to worry that the game will either not be released in their country or they will get a chopped up and edited version of the game that removed all of the fun parts that were advertised for other countries.

But thankfully 2K Games’ Duke Nukem Forever received an MA 15+ rating which means that the game will be coming through the rating process unscathed. This is great news to fans of the series in Australia because it would have been horrible to play a Duke Nukem game with all of the good things that the series is known for taken out.

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  • jaypea360

    Great news, I have been waiting for it to get the all clear. I have no idea how it made it through but I’m not gonna ask questions, just happy its not gona be chopped up.

  • Michael Marr

    Remember when duke used to get around ratings with cheat codes? Fun times.

    That said, I look forward to taking part in operation: Cockblock in its full gory glory.

    • jaypea360

      I sure do, but the world has gone soft since then and have decided to blame anything bad in society on, yep you guessed it, Video Games.

      Bring on the Uncensored Gory Goodness!!!

  • v8hilux

    Gees, why are restrictions on games so bad down under?
    Saying that i’ve played a few games over the years that have suposedly been banned in the UK and often thought why, especially when there’s pointless games like saits rowe out there.

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