Did Call of Duty: Black Ops truly deliver?

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When Treyarch announced they will be making the 7th instalment of the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops, it garnered the same response as when Modern Warfare 2 was released. But did they make the right choice?

Black Ops was released in 2010 to huge fanfare, after months of leaked footage, game play and raving reviews. However, many believe Treyarch took a risk basing the game around like a political thriller, pulling away slightly from the typical Call of Duty storyline and trend.

You play American agent Alex Mason, a man torn between fighting for his country and playing puppet to the enemy. The story begins in 1961 at the height of the Vietnam War and follows Mason and his outfit for seven years. Among the men is a familiar face: Viktor Reznov from World at War fame. In Black Ops, he plays a large role helping the Allied forces. His appearance added excitement, wonder and slight concern from players who questioned his motive and role in the game. Treyarch broke the rules and it seemed to have paid off.

Black Ops is unique and very unlike any other Call of Duty game; so much so that it seems you are playing an entirely new shooter. It’s cinematic, beautiful and vividly epic. It plays out perfectly like a Ridley Scott thriller, keeping you on the edge of your seat. But be prepared for a huge plot twist at the end of the game.

However, unlike others from the franchise, your movements are scripted and monitored. A fault made famous with EA’s Medal of Honor is the annoying trend of other characters running off without you, leaving the player scratching their head and often being punished, citing you have failed a plan or lost your team. This happens quite frequently if you do not keep up with the current mission or decide to explore. It does inhibit the player’s freedom within the game.

Created with the same engine as World at War, the game offers players similarities in the finest of the details in the music, AI and even coming down to the familiar blood splatter. There is a noticeable comparison to be made between Black Ops and World at War and Infinity Ward’s masterpiece Modern Warfare 2. For the first time in Call of Duty history, the playable character is seen and heard, marking a new trend in the franchise.

Despite its small flaws, Black Ops is a masterpiece catapulting Treyarch into new found respect and admiration with Call of Duty fans. With new weaponry, powerful characters and a unique plotline, this game will mostly find its place in history.

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  • black ops has been just about perfect, especially multiplayer. It still has the typical wtf moments, but that can be attributed to the Internet.
    Treyarch have patched shit as it came up and they have banned pricks for cheating, reset scores, its been good.
    The only real issue is since the DLC, the original playlists have been stuffed up a bit, matchmaking with people overseas causing lag, but from last night, it looks like they have been resolved.

  • jaypea360

    The campaign in Black Ops was one of the best singleplayer experiences I have had in a game. I think they got this game spot on. The only thing that ruins it sometimes is the community.

    I swear CoD brings out the worst in the gaming community. Does not bother me though, very well made game.

  • v8hilux

    It’s been a good game, but I thought I was alone in playing single player mode. Litterally everyone i know hasn’t bothered with it and just used the computer cheats to access the extra content. I had a couple mates round when I did it on my console but everyone else i know just jumped straight in to online play. It would be interesting to find out what percentage have bothered to complete it.

    • jaypea360

      Nah your not alone. Single Player components of games are the most important to me. I started gaming when multiplayer meant 2 player.

      If you can’t make a good single player game why would I want to play the multiplayer variant which can become mind numbingly boring and repetitive.

      I am currently still playing Just Cause 2, which is single player only.

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