Dead Island takes the internet by storm

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Last week Deep Silver revealed to the world that they would be publishing Techland’s Dead Island and revealed one of the most interesting trailers in recent memory. It wasn’t interesting because of gameplay or features shown, it was interesting because of how dramatic it was and the way that everything was portrayed. In this trailer we see a family on vacation get attacked and bitten by zombies after a mysterious outbreak on the island occurred.

The trailer itself has made its rounds through the internet and is easily one of the must see trailers of this year, making Dead Island itself one of the hottest topics right now on the internet. In under a week it managed to occur 100k fans on Facebook, viewed by 2.7 million people on YouTube, had 3.2 million tweets so far, and even shown up on various news websites that don’t even report gaming news. Considering the large amount of hype currently being placed on Dead Island with only a few screenshots and one CG trailer out so far, hopes are already very high for the open-world zombie survival game.

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  • I cant wait to get my hands on this game !!

    • v8hilux

      you and a few million it would seem :p

  • jaypea360

    I had a feeling this would stir up alot of interest. I was gobsmacked when I saw the trailer and read about it. I really want this game. I luv ma zombie games.

    This looks like it could be the one I have been waiting for !

  • Cellophane Girl

    I really hope this game lives up to they hype it’s getting.
    The trailer is totally amazing, I love how it’s done in reverse and slow motion. It’s just so dramatic and AWESOME. I think it’s the best trailer I have ever seen. Whoever came up with the idea for the trailer and did the editing are geniuses.

    • v8hilux

      where’s the trailer, got a link? i’m to lazy tyo go youtube hunting :p hows it seem to stack up against the other 6.7million zombie games out there?

  • v8hilux

    sounds pretty cool, certainly got a lot of hype but yet more zombies… come on guys.

    • Cellophane Girl

      Well just because it’s a zombie game doesn’t mean it’s going to be the same ol’ same ol’.
      It would almost be like saying “FPS really come on try something new.”

      Even though zombies have been done, there is still plenty of room for improvement for games and things featuring them.
      I have a feeling this is going to be “THE” zombie game. The one everyone has been wanting.

      • v8hilux

        true i supose, thanks for the link above, the trailer is a pit of a heart string puller, very moving :p maybe the back sotry will be what seperates this one from the others.

        • Cellophane Girl

          yeah I’m hoping that will be the case. That the back story is more fleshed out and so you have more of an emotional attachment for the characters, which in turn will make for a better game. 😀

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