Dead Island movie rights belong to Deep Silver

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The zombies are coming for us, and developer Techland is leading them.  With a focus on first person melee slaying, Deep Silver will be publishing this awesome game. You can find out more about the game here. Now, watch the trailer below. After watching it, come back to this article and tell us if you would like to see a full length movie based on this franchise.  If so, you will be encouraged to hear that Deep Silver has the exclusive rights to create such a film, and they want to do it right, not like a certain *cough*Uncharted movie *cough.*

“We are looking for quality above all else for a movie based on Dead Island. We want to do it the right way as film realizations of games (or vice versa) usually fail to deliver what the fans were looking for. We will not go down this route with Dead Island. Deep Silver profoundly believes in the quality and value of its Dead Island IP,” says Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Deep Silver’s parent company Koch Media. “We would therefore be honored to work with someone who already has a proven track record with blockbuster movies.”

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  • Gemma owen

    This looks really good, you can’t beat a bit of Zombie slaying! I will definitely be looking out for this in the future!

  • This does look amazing !! Great work so far by Deep Silver and Techland. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this 🙂

  • jaypea360

    I guess a movie would be ok, but then again I don’t watch alot of movies. The story line is basic, Zombie Apocalypse style that could only be ruined by bad actors. The game on the other hand looks awesome and I want it now.

    Take Dawn of The Dead for example, the remake was so poor in contrast to the original and they were not even based on games. Bad actors ruined it.

  • v8hilux

    anoooother zombie game. im starting to get a lil warn out :p graphics look pretty cool but is that enough?

    • v8hilux

      also i’ve just noticed another baseball esq picture at the top. thats the first shot then take the bulletstorm one of the electric bolt n the guy flying through the air :p

    • jaypea360

      There can never be enough Zombie games LOL

      Bring em on!!

      • v8hilux

        they should make a game where zombie games take over the world instead of just zombies :p

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