Atlus making “difficulty patch” for overly difficult Catherine

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There are many things that can be said and have been said about Atlus’ Catherine since it has been officially released in Japan. Unfortunately the main thing being said by most of the games’ players is the fact that it is punishingly difficult and players are unable to even make it past the first few levels even on the easiest difficulty of the game.

Apparently the nightmare segments are extremely difficult on Easy Mode and because of this many fans have become upset with the fact that Atlus created such a difficult game. But Atlus has taken these complaints to heart and are working on fixing the issue. Katsura Hashino wrote on the game’s blog that they are currently working on a patch to make the game easier for players and stated that the reason for the difficulty was so that players would feel as if they were truly in a nightmare and would feel accomplished once they overcame them.

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  • v8hilux

    if their original pilosophy was true then they can’t make the game to easy otherwise it’ll loose that edge they were looking for. intrigued as to what made it so hard though.

  • Cellophane Girl

    I didn’t know they could possibly make a game that was to difficult for Japanese players. 😛

    But I can see their reasoning behind the difficulty. Hopefully they will leave the original difficulties and just add easier ones to select.

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