Alteil releases Cassandra card pack

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Online trading card game, ‘Alteil’, has new additions to its card shop based around one of its more popular characters Cassandra.

They have released four new EX packs to the online store in relation to the Cassandra back story –

One of the greatest heroines on the surface of Lavato, Cassandra, fights against the evil Galdirea with her dual magic swords: Arken the holy sword and Difora the Soulblade.  But fifteen years ago she was just a little girl, raised by her sister Rosa until a fateful encounter with the evil Ork King Grebados.  On the run, she was saved by the most legendary mercenary of the age, Black Dragonfly Francis.  So begins her story, and the story of her legendary swords.

Check out the trailer on the login screen.

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  • v8hilux

    not familiar with this card game, is it purely a card based game or is it taken from a comp game or cartoon/anime?

    • It’s an english port of a Japanese online trading card game. So yes, it is purely a card based game. 😀

      • v8hilux

        fair doos, surprised that it’s not accompanies by a comp game, everythign else seems to be these days :p

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