Retailers worldwide begin pricing 3DS games

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We now know what the price is going to be of the 3DS system itself and although Nintendo has yet to release a going rate for any 3DS games to come that hasn’t stopped retailers around the country from pricing pre-orders and giving estimates of their own to work from. Now while these prices are not confirmed by Nintendo it is worth taking note that these same companies had the prices of the Kinect nailed down before official word.

After a quick browsing, one can find Amazon and GameStop listing 3DS games between $39.99 and $49.99 for US stores. But GAME in the UK has listed all of the known launch titles at £39.99 and unfortunately for some, Amazon France has prices upwards of €59.95. Also Fishpond from Australia has listed one game so far and placed a price of $61.99 AUS on it. Again it is worth taking notice that these prices are tentative at best at this moment.

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