Homefront looks ahead to potential sequel

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It appears THQ’s boss of core games is at it again. Danny Bilson of THQ is so eager to talk about Homefront, he is already disclosing details of a possible sequel.

The second game will take place near the radioactive Mississippi, a locale left in the dark in the maps of the first game. But could this mean the arrival of mutants? It is silly to speculate at this early stage, and the sequel’s future hangs in the fray as to whether Homefront sells well this February. We’ve seen a lot of studios get the chop after poor sales figures, but certainly delaying the game from its originally scheduled November release was a good move by THQ, eluding a would-be fatal rivalry with the launch of Black Ops and Kinect.

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  • im not really surprised by this 😛

  • Raphael

    not really happy about it either, make the first game great before even thinking about a sequel otherwise you could end up with ideas thought off but the developers deciding it would be better too wait for the sequel too implement them and half finished stories and thought been split between the first game and the sequel when what we really want is one great game though maybe after that, based on the success or reasons for failure the developers can develop their ideas and improve them.

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