FFXIII-2 to feature an even darker storyline

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In an interview with Dengeki Magazine the producer, Yoshinori Kitase, and the director, Motomu Toriyama, of Final Fantasy XIII-2 revealed some more information regarding FFXIII-2. Fans of Final Fantasy may recall the last time that Square Enix made a direct sequel to a Final Fantasy game in the form of Final Fantasy X-2; which was met with some derision due to the overall feel of the game. That will not be the case in FFXIII-2.

Translated by Siliconera, Kitase and Toriyama elaborated further by explaining that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will pick up right where FFXIII ended and will place players in the search for a mysterious invisible world called Bunibelle and the goddess Etro playing major parts in the plot. Also revealed was the fact that some other characters from FFXIII will be returning other than Lightning, but of course there will be unexpected changes to them as well. I’m not entirely sure how much darker they can make the storyline of Final Fantasy XIII considering there were moments of pure loss during the storyline originally, but we shall see.

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