6 minute trailer for Disgaea 4 shows off some battles

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Nippon Ichi has released a very long trailer to show off various bits and pieces of their upcoming TRPG. Disgaea 4 looks to retain much of what the series is known for with plenty of over the top battle scenes and even more over the top attacks. Also shown are some bits of standard gameplay and what looks like characters making a human slinky to move around a map. Not sure exactly what that part was myself but catch the Japanese trailer below.

Also it looks like there will be plenty of politics to go around this time, as Disgaea usually has political overtones, but this time around it sounds as if it is even more prevalent. For the most part however we see Valbatoze, a vampire who looks to be a main character, Fuuka a girl wearing a Prinny outfit, and a medley of other different characters that will be joining your fight. We’ll know more as time goes on but we already know that Disgaea 4 will be released in February in Japan with an US localization happening sometime in the Summer.

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