Deathsmiles Deluxe Edition coming to PAL regions in 2011

Xbox 360 Shooter News

Rising Star Games has just recently announced that bullet hell game, Deathsmiles will be officially coming to European and PAL markets. For those of you who have been waiting to hear this news, you will be glad to know that this version comes as a very special and exclusive Deluxe Edition. This Deluxe Edition features the complete version of the game, with the Mega Black Label DLC (which brings an extra stage and playable character), a desktop accessory pack and the original 23-track soundtrack.

Deathsmiles features three different modes:  the original Arcade version, an Xbox 360 conversion of the arcade version and Version 1.1 of the game. Version 1.1 is actually another conversion designed specifically for the Xbox 360 (for those of you that were interested).

Along with all of this, the game will include two-player co-op, both locally or via Xbox Live. All the modes will also have multiple difficulty levels. Supposedly all this extra stuff was sold separately in Japan and priced at about £25, so this bundle is quite a steal

For those of you in the PAL regions that have been waiting for the game, Deathsmiles is coming your way in early 2011.

  • Cellophane Girl

    I’m getting the US special edition for Christmas. I’m happy. I really wanted the faceplate and soundtrack. 😀

    • frankcastle66

      a face plate sounds nice i wish more special editions had them because when the 360 released they made the faceplates a big deal then did nothing with them

      • Cellophane Girl

        The faceplate is a great way to customize your 360. But you’re right, they haven’t done enough with it. Though there are plenty of faceplates to purchase. I’ve never had one other than the standard one. I always meant to get a different one though.

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