Dead Space 2 demo & FNV: Dead Money DLC hit the XBLM

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It’s Tuesday and Christmas is just a few short days away but that doesn’t mean that some people aren’t sitting around bored still. But thankfully two great ways to occupy your time between now and Christmas just landed right on the XBLM. First of all we have the release of the Dead Space 2 demo by EA that hit not only the XBLM but the PSN as well. Fans of the first game should be ready to be terrified as they wet their appetite for Dead Space 2’s release next month. To add Dead Space 2’s demo to your downloads take a look here.

Also arriving on the XBLM is the first installment of Fallout: New Vegas DLC. Unfortunately PS3 users are being left in the dark for Dead Money is currently only available on the Xbox 360. Dead Money will place players in a life or death situation where they must obey certain commands or suffer quite the headache. Dead Money is available right now for 800 MSP ($10) and you can find it here.

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